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Solar Projects

RE-volv is proud to help deserving nonprofits go solar and educate their community about the importance of clean energy.



$ 10.7 million




$ 19.6 million






100,700 tons


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RE-volv is committed to working with nonprofits who serve Black, Iniginous, and People of Color (BIPOC) led/serving communities. These nonprofits serve BIPOC communities by providing programming for kids, creating spaces to share culture and preserve heritage, and more.

Veterans of Foreign Wars (VFWs) Posts are community centers across the country where Veterans of Foregin Wars gather. RE-volv is proud to have helped one of the first VFW's in the nation go solar, which is VFW Post 10804 in South Carolina.

Art is a way to express oneself, build community, and bring joy into our lives. RE-volv solarizes nonprofits focused on the arts, including dance centers, cultural centers, and organizations focused on building community through ar

Housing is an essential fabric of our communities. RE-volv helps housing nonprofits go solar who provide housing for low income families, help improve low-income neighborhoods, and support community groups through housing solutions.

Health is an integral part of every community. RE-volv works with nonprofits whose mission is centered on community health. These nonprofits include children's camps, health-based food cooperatives, and nonprofits focused on mental and cognitive health.

RE-volv works with nonprofits whose mission is centered around animals and their wellbeing. Nonprofits in this impact area include animal shelters and sanctuaries that care for animals and allow them to thrive.

RE-volv helps nonprofits whose work is focused on sustainable food and agriculture go solar. These nonprofits include community gardens, food cooperatives, and nonprofits that host food distribution programs for people in need.

As an organization committed to climate action, RE-volv helps conversation focused nonprofits go solar. Nonprofits in the conservation impact space focus on conserving and protecting the natural environment now and for the future.

Nonprofits who work on Community Development focus on revitalizing their community. RE-volv helps community development nonprofits go solar who focus on food security, education, creating spaces for the community to gather and help strengthen the fabric of the community.

RE-volv helps nonprofits focused on serving youth go solar. These nonprofits provide youth with academic enrichment, mentoring, and nutritious meals along with opportunities to engage in dance, day camps, community gardens, and art.

RE-volv helps provide solar financing for communities of faith and houses of worship across the country including, but not limited to, synagogues, churches, mosques, congregations, and faith driven community centers.

See how solar energy is impacting nonprofits across the United States by
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Sandy Spring, MD
32 kW Solar System
1,413,000 lbs CO2 Avoided
Missoula, MT
12 kW Solar System
289,000 lbs CO2 Avoided
Milwaukee, WI
13 kW Solar System
476,200 lbs CO2 Avoided
Quincy, CA
54 kW Solar System
2,970,000 lbs CO2 Avoided
Los Lunas, NM
14 kW Solar System
919,000 lbs CO2 Avoided
Cleveland, OH
14 kW Solar System
678,000 lbs CO2 Avoided
Spokane, WA
40 kW Solar System
2,050,000 lbs CO2 Avoided
Carmel Hamlet, NY
23 kW Solar System
1,088,000 lbs CO2 Avoided
Dayton, OH
15 kW Solar System
644,000 lbs CO2 Avoided
Georgetown, SC
4 kW Solar System
170,000 lbs CO2 Avoided
Montclair, CA
448 kW Solar System
26,363,000 lbs CO2 Avoided
Castro Valley, CA
28 kW Solar System
1,388,000 lbs CO2 Avoided
Montclair, CA
408 kW Solar System
24,070,000 lbs CO2 Avoided
Montclair, CA
263 kW Solar System
15,658,000 lbs CO2 Avoided
Moorpark, CA
615 kW Solar System
34,511,000 lbs CO2 Avoided
Truckee, CA
83 kW Solar System
4,678,000 lbs CO2 Avoided
San Bernardino, CA
290 kW Solar System
16,166,000 lbs CO2 Avoided
Napa, CA
40 kW Solar System
2,392,000 lbs CO2 Avoided
Paradise, CA
30 kW Solar System
1,528,000 lbs CO2 Avoided
Bakersfield, CA
426 kW Solar System
22,755,000 lbs CO2 Avoided
Oroville, CA
106 kW Solar System
5,109,000 lbs CO2 Avoided
Cleveland, NM
17 kW Solar System
1,018,000 lbs CO2 Avoided
San Francisco, CA
83 kW Solar System
4,656,000 lbs CO2 Avoided
Berkeley, CA
48 kW Solar System
2,436,000 lbs CO2 Avoided
South San Francisco, CA
27 kW Solar System
1,523,000 lbs CO2 Avoided
Santa Cruz, CA
18 kW Solar System
800,000 lbs CO2 Avoided
Albuquerque, NM
7 kW Solar System
444,000 lbs CO2 Avoided
Cedaredge, CO
5 kW Solar System
299,000 lbs CO2 Avoided
Milwaukee, WI
9 kW Solar System
383,000 lbs CO2 Avoided
Chicago, IL
3 kW Solar System
144,000 lbs CO2 Avoided
Eugene, OR
5 kW Solar System
222,000 lbs CO2 Avoided
Berkeley, CA
28 kW Solar System
1,495,000 lbs CO2 Avoided
Primates Inc.
Project is completed
Westfield, WI
14 kW Solar System
710,000 lbs CO2 Avoided
VFW Post 10420
Project is completed
Murrells Inlet, SC
19 kW Solar System
443,000 lbs CO2 Avoided
Dayton, OH
26 kW Solar System
1,097,000 lbs CO2 Avoided
Oakland, CA
20 kW Solar System
1,044,000 lbs CO2 Avoided
Richmond, CA
2 kW Solar System
142,000 lbs CO2 Avoided
Unity Gardens
Project is completed
Berkeley, CA
10 kW Solar System
578,000 lbs CO2 Avoided
Little River, SC
15 kW Solar System
690,000 lbs CO2 Avoided
Philadelphia, PA
12 kW Solar System
528,000 lbs CO2 Avoided
Dayton, OH
11 kW Solar System
437,000 lbs CO2 Avoided
Project Home
Project is completed
Madison, WI
8 kW Solar System
387,000 lbs CO2 Avoided
Oakland, CA
6 kW Solar System
355,000 lbs CO2 Avoided
Harbor House
Project is completed
Oakland, CA
11 kW Solar System
611,000 lbs CO2 Avoided
Camp Ketcha
Project is completed
Scarborough, ME
13 kW Solar System
577,000 lbs CO2 Avoided
Milwaukee, WI
2 kW Solar System
144,000 lbs CO2 Avoided
Isla Vista, CA
26 kW Solar System
1,266,000 lbs CO2 Avoided
Milwaukee, WI
8 kW Solar System
317,000 lbs CO2 Avoided
Serenity House
Project is completed
Philadelphia, PA
5 kW Solar System
225,000 lbs CO2 Avoided
San Francisco, CA
32 kW Solar System
949,000 lbs CO2 Avoided
Oakland, CA
22 kW Solar System
553,000 lbs CO2 Avoided
Berkeley, CA
10 kW Solar System
951,000 lbs CO2 Avoided

10 Years of Impact

Founded in 2011, RE-volv is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit that helps fellow nonprofits across the country go solar. Over the last decade, we have brought solar to 50+ community-serving nonprofits in 14 states, equaling 3.4+ Megawatts of solar!

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