Harbor House
OF $26,620
$8,116.26 26 Days Left
123,879 lbs CO2 664 Donors
$10,048.44 26 Days Left
85,670 lbs CO2 678 Donors
Camp Ketcha
OF $35,428
$6,489.98 26 Days Left
70,375 lbs CO2 685 Donors
$10,567 0 Days Left
95,357 lbs CO2 698 Donors
$59,261 0 Days Left
827,347 lbs CO2 100 Donors
$16,710 0 Days Left
211,583 lbs CO2 87 Donors
Serenity House
Project is completed
OF $10,920
$11,063 0 Days Left
93,348 lbs CO2 86 Donors
$50,002 0 Days Left
633,151 lbs CO2 231 Donors
$56,070 0 Days Left
369,298 lbs CO2 235 Donors
$15,441 0 Days Left
634,269 lbs CO2 188 Donors

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We believe that everyone should have the ability to support clean energy. So we created a new way for people to take action. It's a pretty simple idea. We raise money through crowdfunding to put solar panels on community-serving nonprofit organizations and worker-owned cooperatives. As these organizations pay us back, we reinvest the money into more solar projects in communities across the country. This creates a revolving fund for solar energy that continually perpetuates itself building more and more solar. It's a pay-it-forward model for community solar. We call it the Solar Seed Fund.


I had the pleasure to see one of RE-volv’s projects right in my neighborhood, at a worker-owned grocery co-op called Other Avenues. I try to volunteer on the solar installs as much as I can and I grab every chance I can get to raise funds for RE-volv because I know that every dollar is well spent, and will be used over and over again to bring positive change and progress while helping other nonprofits that are doing important work.

Enio Ximenes Donor

Over the years I’d been looking at different possibilities and then RE-volv came around, and it was like the perfect fit for us! Contributing to this revolving fund that’s going to, futher down the line, help out other co-ops and nonprofits, we’re excited about that. This is going to save us in the neighborhood of $300,000 over the course of 20 years!

Darryl Dea President, Other Avenues Food Cooperative

We’re really excited and honored to be the first project for RE-volv. We’d been looking to go solar for quite a few years, and when Andreas came to us and proposed this amazing plan, it was like a perfect fit. This is another reason for people to say ‘yes,’ to being here, and another reason to love being here.

Rebecca Johnson Executive Director, Shawl-Anderson Dance Center

What’s really inspiring about RE-volv and what excites me about being involved in the organization is the real tangible feeling you get when you can actually see the results of the labor.

Jennifer Martin Chair, RE-volv Board of Directors; Executive Director, Center for Resource Solutions

One of our basic values is about community and community building and the importance of that. And because of the crowdfunding model that RE-volv uses, it fit perfectly with our idea. Even if somebody would have handed us a check for the money we needed, that wouldn’t have been our first choice, because by doing the fundraising we were accomplishing one of our other goals which is informing more people about the availability of solar.

Ralph Silber Greening Committee Chair, Kehilla Community Synagogue

I support RE-volv because after meeting with the team, I could not imagine working with a more sincere, dedicated, and knowledgeable set of people, especially on the scale of the climate problem. They are also solving a very unique problem in the transition to clean energy, targeting the non-profits who do not benefit from current subsidies, while figuring out a way to empower those of us who want to do something, but are not sure how.

Nathan Chan Donor

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