About RE-volv

RE-volv is a national nonprofit organization whose mission is to tackle climate change at the local level by empowering people to accelerate the adoption of clean energy in their communities, especially those that are often excluded from the benefits of the clean energy economy. At RE-volv, we work to provide access to solar energy to nonprofits the country that serve disadvantaged communities that otherwise could not go solar, while training the next generation of solar energy leaders in the process.

Want to help? Explore our job openings below and apply to join the team! We look forward to working with you to spread solar and bring the benefits of clean energy to nonprofits in communities that need it most.

Job Openings

Job Openings

Solar Finance Manager

Hours: Part time - 20 hours per week

Primary Location: Remote

Reports To: Executive Director

The Solar Finance Manager Role

The Solar Finance Manager will manage RE-volv’s solar finance program. This will involve securing and structuring investments, approving solar projects to be financed, managing ongoing repayment to investors, and managing the overall health of the fund. The ideal candidate will have a demonstrated track record in investor relations, solar project finance, tax equity deal structure, and general business financials. They will also have a deep commitment to accelerating clean energy and climate justice solutions. They will have exemplary communication skills, possess a high attention to detail, be self-motivating, able to take initiative, and bring an optimistic, positive attitude to the team.

About RE-volv

RE-volv is a nonprofit climate justice organization that works to provide solar energy access to those that are excluded from the benefits of the clean energy economy. We do this by empowering people to bring clean energy to their communities, providing the upfront costs of installing solar energy systems to local nonprofits, and educating local community members about the benefits of clean energy in the process. Through an innovative solar finance model, these nonprofits immediately save on their electricity costs, while their monthly solar payments contribute to a revolving fund we call the Solar Seed Fund.

RE-volv has received numerous awards, including recently being named to the Solar Energy Innovation Network of the U.S. Department of Energy, is an inaugural member of the White House National Community Solar Partnership, and winner of the OpenIDEO Climate Innovation Fellowship.

RE-volv is at an exciting moment in the life of the organization. With over 3MW of solar financed for nearly 50 nonprofits in 12 states that serve tens of thousands of people, with Solar Ambassador fellows at dozens of universities across the country, our track record is proven. The opportunity to scale is massive.

Position Details

Your role as the Solar Finance Manager will be to oversee the RE-volv solar finance program operations. This will include: meeting with potential investors and analyzing investment terms including impact investors, foundations, and tax equity partners; developing credit memos; evaluating individual solar projects’ investability; overseeing repayments to investors; and managing the overall health and performance of the fund. You will also be expected to contribute to our organizational culture of performance excellence while maintaining a friendly, fun, supportive atmosphere among a group of diverse, talented individuals.

This is a 20-hour a week part time position that can be done remotely. We also have an office in the Financial District of San Francisco, which is available for staff to use.

This is a high impact position, requiring creativity, independence, collaboration and initiative. Due to the current volume of transactions and investments, this role only requires 20 hours per week but could grow into a full-time role as we scale. Compensation includes an hourly rate commensurate with experience. RE-volv allows flexible work hours and is committed to supporting a good work-life balance.

By choosing to work at RE-volv, you know that your efforts everyday are not limited to just helping promote clean energy and fight climate change. You are also helping a myriad of nonprofits lower their electric bills, so they can be more successful in serving their communities around the country. Together we can create a more just and equitable society.

This position starts as soon as possible.

  • Work closely with Executive Director and Director of Solar Project Management to review solar portfolio and pipeline weekly
  • Develop robust financial models to manage internal financial controls and oversight structures
  • Provide investors with due diligence information regarding RE-volv operations and finances
  • Lead the investment opportunity review process that measures and evaluates investment terms from foundations, donor advised funds, impact investors, and tax equity investors
  • Help set and track our solar fund performance metrics, ensure data integrity, and manage our fund’s financial health
  • Monitor incoming solar revenue and outgoing payments across projects with proper financial oversight
  • Track movement against all contractual obligations for each individual Program Related Investment, Recoverable Grant, Impact Investment, or Tax Equity Investment we’ve received ensuring rapid deployment of capital and timely repayment to investors
  • Assist in evaluating and procuring insurance policies for solar projects and the organization
  • Provide bi-monthly financial reporting and analysis to the Board of Directors
Skills and Qualifications:
  • 3-5 years of solar project finance and impact investment modeling experience
  • 3-5 years of financial management experience
  • Experience working with and reporting to investors
  • Proven track record implementing and managing information infrastructure in Salesforce, Dropbox, and Google Drive
  • Ability to analyze key metrics and financial data trends to guide organizational decisions
  • Experience working with nonprofits
  • Demonstrated commitment to promoting renewable energy, mitigating climate change, and building an equitable and sustainable society
How to Apply

Please submit your resume and a brief cover letter detailing relevant experience, salary requirements, and interest in the position via email to careers@re-volv.org. Deadline to apply is April 30th. All applications will be reviewed at that time. Please write “Solar Finance Manager Application - Last Name, First Name” in the subject line. No calls, please.


Work that makes a difference

RE-volv empowers people to bring clean energy to their communities. We envision a world where people are thriving in communities powered by clean energy.


What it's like to work at RE-volv

Health Care

In order to create a more sustainable, equitable world, we have to take good care of ourselves and our health. RE-volv provides full health care coverage for our employees with the ability to cover loved ones as well.

RE-charge Days

Being a changemaker is hard work. Personal care goes a long way to help us stay on top of our game. That's why every last Friday of the month, RE-volv employees get a "RE-charge Day" to rest, relax, unwind, and recharge their batteries for the month ahead.

Retirement benefits

We're not getting any younger, amirite? To make sure we have an eye on our future years, RE-volv puts 3% of your salary, on top of what you make, into a retirement account for you, with a sustainable investment fund where you get to pick how your retirement savings is invested. You can also elect to put a portion of your pre-tax salary into your retirement savings on top of RE-volv's contribution.

Professional Development

We believe that the most fulfilling jobs are the ones where we are constantly learning and growing. Each RE-volv employee gets an annual professional development budget so you can take that course, attend that conference, and develop the skills you need for this role and the next.

Generous time off

We believe that the more time we have off to do whatever makes us happy contributes to our well-being as well as to that of the organization. In addition to one RE-charge Day per month, RE-volv has every federal holiday off, as well as International Workers' Day (May 1st), the day before and after Thanksgiving, and is closed during the holiday season from Christmas Eve to the day after New Year's Day. In addition, RE-volv employees accrue 18 days of paid-time off in the first year, which increases over time. We also prioritize taking good care of new Mommies and Daddies!

Become a Volunteer

As a RE-volv Solar Ambassador, you’ll spearhead a solar project for a local nonprofit in your community while engaging and educating the community about the importance of solar energy. RE-volv trains Solar Ambassadors in everything they need to know to bring solar energy to a local nonprofit while providing solar professional development training.