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RE-volv works to provide solar energy access to those that are excluded from the benefits of the clean energy economy. RE-volv is currently raising $10 Million through Recoverable Grants from impact investors and foundations through two investment options to scale our proven model of solar finance for community-serving nonprofits across the United States.

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Support nonprofits and advance clean energy across the country by investing in RE-volv's Recoverable Grant Opportunity

The Impact of Your Investment

How Recoverable Grants Work

A Recoverable Grant is an innovative financial vehicle that allows RE-volv to receive a grant from foundations and Donor Advised Funds, use the funds to build solar projects for deserving nonprofits, and pay back the endowment with interest over time. At the end of the term, grantors receive back their investment with interest, and grantors can then continue to regrant those funds to organizations of their choice.

RE-volv is currently seeking to raise $10 Million through two recoverable grant investment offerings including a 9-year term with a 1% annual interest rate and a 15-year term with a 1.75% annual interest rate. Your investment today will accelerate the just transition to a clean energy economy that provides real economic value to those that need it most. Investors will receive bi-annual reports showcasing how their investments are creating impact in communities at the front lines of the fight for climate solutions.

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Our Theory of Change

We provide solar energy financing to nonprofits serving disadvantaged communities across the country, while raising awareness about the benefits of solar, and training the next generation of clean energy leaders in the process. Your investment will not only accelerate the adoption of clean energy for deserving nonprofits, but will empower communities to collectively invest in renewable energy and help train the next generation of clean energy leaders.
RE-volv Solar Projects

RE-volv provides solar financing for community-serving nonprofits throughout the country. Your investment will directly provide solar to nonprofits that impact BIPOC communities, Veterans, Youth, Arts, Housing, Health Initiatives, Animals, Communities of Faith, Conservation, Food and Agriculture, and Community Development.
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RE-volv's Monthly Donor program allows donors to invest monthly in a world where everyone can thrive from clean energy. Your monthly gift supports community-serving nonprofits, allowing them to access the cost-savings of renewable energy and fight climate change at the local level.