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8 kW

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July 2018

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This project was spearheaded by the RE-volv Solar Ambassador Team at: 

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About Project Home

Since the 1970’s, Project Home has been helping low-to-moderate income residents, seniors, veterans, people with health issues and disabilities, and single parent families with major home repairs and home weatherization in Dane and Green County in Wisconsin. Project Home is a nonprofit that operates both government and privately funded programs to help income-eligible homeowners with home maintenance and repairs, accessibility modifications, home rehabilitation, and energy efficiency improvements.

Project Home works on a number of home improvement projects for low-to-moderate income families, including building wheelchair accessibility ramps, improving energy efficiency within homes to reduce electricity bills, and weatherizing homes for the cooler Wisconsin months. These improvements allow low income families to stay in their homes, reduce their electricity bills, and be more comfortable. 

Thanks to Project Home, over 61,000 community members are more comfortable in their homes and are paying less for their monthly utility bills. Throughout the years, Project Home has weathrized more than 21,000 homes, which allows residents to reduce their electricity use and save money in the process, and has made over 6,500 home repairs for low-to-moderate income families.



Solar Project Led by RE-volv’s Solar Ambassadors 

The RE-volv Solar Ambassador Team at the University of Wisconsin-Madison (UWM) are volunteer college students who lead this project and helped bring solar to Project Home. The Solar Ambassadors at UWM identified the nonprofit, organized and ran a crowdfunding campaign to pay for the upfront cost of going solar, and helped educate the community about the importance of solar energy.  

Going Solar with RE-volv

By going solar with RE-volv, Project Home is able to save more than $25,000 on their electricity bills over the life of the solar system, which is money that Project Home can invest back into their mission. Project Home says that going solar with RE-volv, “Has allowed us to expand our impact as an environmentally-conscious organization, by now including a presence in renewables to go along with our strong history in energy conservation.”   

Solar Savings in Action 

Jason Hafeman, Outreach Manager at Project Home says, "For nearly five decades, Project Home has been improving area housing through home repair and rehabilitation programs, and weatherization services. Our nonprofit has made an immense environmental impact by performing energy efficiency work on more than 20,000 homes, but it wasn't until going solar with RE-volv, that we were able to improve our own building and operations. The RE-volv solar project has reduced our energy costs and allowed us to reallocate dollars to other areas of need for our organization. An immediate need we identified was new vehicles for some of our field staff. The RE-volv solar project helped us replace three of our oldest work trucks and vans. Now our technicians have safer, more reliable transportation and vehicles that are more fuel efficient. We thank RE-volv and the UWM Solar Ambassadors."

The Community’s Involvement in Solar 

Thank you to the 133 generous donors whose contribution helped bring solar to Project Home! Before the crowdfunding campaign started, the Project Home solar array received support from organizations that strongly support their decision to go solar. Thank you to RENEW Wisconsin who made significant contributions to the campaign to ensure its success!




Project Home

3841 Kipp St Madison, WI 53718

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