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CO2 Avoided

387,329 lbs

Solar System

8 kW

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July 2018

About Project Home

Thank you to all the incredible people who supported this project! We couldn't have done it without you!

Stay tuned for the upcoming solar installation at Project Home and ribbon cutting celebration!

Help Project Home Go Solar!

For over 40 years, Project Home has been helping low income seniors, veterans, and single parent families with major home repairs and home weatherization. Thanks to Project Home, over 55,000 community members are more comfortable in their homes and are paying less for their monthly utility bills. It’s clear that Project Home has helped our community, but now it’s time for the community to help Project Home.


Project Home will be installing solar panels on their roof this spring - a choice that will exemplify the organization’s commitment to sustainability in the Madison community. This effort is made possible through RE-volv, a nonprofit based in San-Francisco that finances the upfront costs of solar arrays for nonprofits across the United States. By partnering with RE-volv, Project Home is guaranteed to save money on their monthly utility bills and they are already expected to save 15% in their first month. These savings are expected to increase exponentially over the years and will help Project Home serve those in our community that need it most.


Before the crowdfunding campaign started, the Project Home solar array received support from organizations that strongly support their decision to go solar. RENEW Wisconsin has made significant contributions to the campaign to ensure its success!


Your donation will make a positive and long-lasting impact in Madison’s community!

This project is made possible by contributions from generous organizations and donors like you! We'd like to thank our amazing partners at the Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation, RENEW WIsconsin, and Werner Electric for supporting Project Home's solar array.







Project Home

3841 Kipp St Madison, WI 53718

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