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CO2 Avoided

553,000 lbs

Solar System

22 kW

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February 2014

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About Kehilla Community Synagogue

Kehilla Community Synagogue is located in Oakland, California and was the second nonprofit that RE-volv helped solarize! Founded in 1984, Kehilla Community Synagogue, “is a Jewish spiritual home for politically progressive people. Our approach to progressive politics is based on a spiritual mandate to heal and repair the world, a central theme in Judaism, by showing compassion to all, and actively working towards social justice, peace and environmental sanity.” 

There are numerous committees that guide Kehilla’s social justice and environment work, including the LGBTQI Welcoming Committee, Economics Justice Committee, and the Greening Committee. The Kehilla community, “has taken political and social action on poverty, racism, and the quest for non-violent solutions to international and domestic conflicts.” 

Bringing Solar to Kehilla Community Synagogue 

Rabbi David from Kehilla Community Synagogue says, “In 2004, we bought our own building and at the time we realized we needed to go solar so that we could put our actions where our values were. Global warming is as it says is a global problem. It means that no one group, no one organization going solar is going to solve the problem. So we decided to work with RE-volv because that organization is encouraging other groups and enabling other groups to go solar.”

By going solar with RE-volv, Kehilla Community Synagogue’s 22kW solar system will save them more than $72,000 off the cost of their electricity over the lifetime of their solar system. Through a crowdfunding campaign, RE-volv helped Kehilla go solar at no upfront cost. Over time, as Kehilla pays back RE-volv, these monthly solar payments will be put into RE-volv’s Solar Seed Fund, a revolving fund for solar that is used to bring solar to more nonprofits across the country! View the crowdfunding video for this campaign below!




Kehilla Community Synagogue

1300 Grand Ave Oakland, CA 94610

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