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CO2 Avoided

919,000 lbs

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14 kW

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August 2022

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About St Vincent De Paul

About St Vincent De Paul

St Vincent De Paul San Clemente Conference is a nonprofit in Los Lunas, New Mexico that has been serving the community since the 2000s. Their mission is to join together in a bond of friendship and grow spiritually by offering person-to-person service to those who are needy and suffering.

St Vincent De Paul provides help and support for families in the community through personal contact, providing friendship, encouragement, and support for families that are experiencing difficulties paying their utilities, who need food or other assistance. 

Through their community outreach and giving programs, St Vincent De Paul provides food distribution to 900 low-income families each year and also helps 400 families with financial assistance to cover utilities and other necessities.

Solar Savings Invested into the Community

St Vincent De Paul went solar with RE-volv in summer 2022, through a 15kW solar system that will not only reduce the nonprofit’s greenhouse gas emissions by 919,900 pounds a year, but will also save the nonprofit $79,000 on their electricity bills over the lifetime of the system. William E. Kelly from St Vincent De Paul says the solar savings will, “Allow us to reduce our overhead costs and allow more money for our outreach.” With their solar savings, St Vincent De Paul will be able to serve more families in the community by providing more food and financial support to low-income families in need. 

The main motivation for St Vincent De Paul going solar was that there were no up-front costs to go solar and they’ll be able to save on their electricity bills immediately. By going solar with RE-volv, St Vincent De Paul was able to go solar for $0 down and will save more than 15% on their electricity bills from day one through a 20-year Power Purchase Agreement. As the nonprofit pays us back for the cost of their solar system, their solar payments are added to our Solar Seed Fund, a pay-it-forward fund for solar that we use to bring solar to more nonprofits and Houses of Worship across the country.


St Vincent De Paul

960 Main Street Northeast Los Lunas NM 87031

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