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November 2019

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This project was spearheaded by the RE-volv Solar Ambassador Team at: 

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About Primates Inc.

Primates Inc. is a nonprofit that was founded in 2004 on the belief that monkeys should be properly cared for after serving time in medical laboratories, private ownerships, and the entertainment industry. Oftentimes, laboratory monkeys are either reused or euthanized after experiments are complete and chances for medical monkeys to be retired are not common as spaces within the nine sanctuaries in the United States are extremely limited. This is why Primates Inc. was founded, to provide a spacious and enriching indoor/outdoor sanctuary for monkeys who are retired from laboratories and the pet trade

In 2018, the sanctuary was able to help the first five rhesus monkeys retire and live out their lives within the sanctuary. Over the next 20 years, the sanctuary has plans to expand their current facilities by building an additional five separate building structures to accommodate retiring 100 monkeys. Primates Inc. also aims to place monkeys at species-appropriate monkey sanctuaries throughout the country when space is available.


Solar Project Led by RE-volv’s Solar Ambassadors

RE-volv Solar Ambassador students at the University of Wisconsin-Madison (UWM), teamed up with Primates Inc. to raise money for a 14 kW solar system for their nonprofit sanctuary. The UWM Solar Ambassadors spearheaded this project by running the crowdfunding campaign to pay for the upfront costs needed to bring solar to Primate Inc. and helped educate the community about the importance of clean, renewable energy. 

Will Nicholson, Project Lead for the UWM Solar Ambassador Team says, “We’re super excited to be working with this great organization because it's such an easy way to see how solar power can directly benefit not just humans but other species that we share this planet with.”

UW Madison RE-volv Solar Ambassador Team

UW Madison RE-volv Solar Ambassador Team

Bringing Solar Power to Primates Inc. 

Primates Inc. went solar with RE-volv in 2019, which is a choice that will exemplify the organization’s commitment to sustainability. By partnering with RE-volv to go solar, Primates Inc. is guaranteed to save money on their monthly utility bills, which will account to $30,800 in savings over the course of the system's lifetime. These savings will help Primates Inc. expand care for the retired monkeys within their sanctuary. Amy Kerwin, Executive Director and Founder of Primates Inc. says, “RE-volv made the goal of obtaining solar panels achievable. We are grateful for their program!”

Crowdfunding for Solar Energy 

Thank you to all the generous donors who donated to this crowdfunding campaign to raise the upfront capital needed to bring solar to Primates Inc. Additionally, thank you RENEW Wisconsin for making significant contributions to the campaign to ensure its success! View the crowdfunding video for this campaign below.



Primates Inc.

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