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13 kW

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December 2022

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About West Care

About West Care

WestCare is a family of nonprofits located in 19 states and territories that provides health and human services in both residential and outpatient environments. WestCare says, “Our services include substance abuse and addiction treatment, homeless and runaway shelters, domestic violence treatment and prevention, and mental health programs. These services are available to adults, children, adolescents, and families.” 

Founded in 2011, WestCare Wisconsin launched the Harambee Community Center with the support of the City of Milwaukee government. Through the Harambee Community Center, WestCare administers housing and neighborhood rehabilitation assistance along with many community organizing programs for the historic Harambee Community located in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. 

How Renewable Energy is Impacting the Community

WestCare Wisconsin went solar with RE-volv in 2022 through a 13 kW solar system that will save the nonprofit more than $44,000 off the cost of their electricity bills over the lifetime of the system. These solar savings will allow WestCare to reduce their electricity bills and use their solar savings to support the many community-supporting programs they run.

WestCare Wisconsin provides many programs and services to the community, including: 

  • Neighborhood Improvements - This program helps low-income homeowners with financial assistance to correct building and safety code issues to ensure that residents can safely remain in their homes. 
  • Youth Services - WestCare’s youth programs provide services that help address urban quality of life issues by offering job skills and readiness training, along with job placement opportunities and violence prevention programs. 
  • Food Pantry - The Everything and Then Some Food Pantry for the Harambee Community allows community members free access to fresh fruits and vegetables for community members in need. 
  • Community-Based Crime Reduction Program - Westcare’s Crime Reduction Program works collaboratively with community partners to address and support efforts to prevent crime, improve neighborhood communities, and discourage violence and drug use.
  • Substance Abuse Prevention Program - WestCare provides substance abuse prevention programs for middle schoolers in Milwaukee Public Schools.

Solar for the Community 

WestCare’s 13kW solar system will save the nonprofit more than $44,000 off their electricity costs, which they plan to invest back into their community-serving programs. WestCare’s mission is to serve the community and provide services and support programs to improve urban quality of life issues that residents in the community face. By going solar with RE-volv, WestCare will be taking another step to serve their community by reducing 476,000 pounds of emissions from entering the atmosphere and serving as a leader in the community transitioning to renewable energy.




West Care

2979 North Palmer Street Milwaukee WI 53212

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