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CO2 Avoided

2,392,000 lbs

Solar System

40 kW

Dollars saved


People served



September 2021

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About Living Vine Church

Living Vine Church is a community church located in Napa, California. Living Vine says, “We are a church who is loving and welcoming to people of all economic and religious backgrounds. If life has treated you well, put you through pain, or you find yourself lonely, lost and full of questions, this is the place for you.” Living Vine has a Love Fund set up as a way for community members to give and receive funding for community members in need.

Going Solar with RE-volv

By going solar with RE-volv, Living Vine will save more than $357,000 on their electricity bills over the lifetime of their solar system, money that Living Vine can put back into their mission. Through their 41 kW solar system, Living Vine’s solar system will avoid more than 2,403,500 lbs of emissions from entering into the atmosphere, which is equivalent to planting and maintaining more than 1,282 acres of trees!

Living Vine will be able to save more than 15% on their monthly electricity bill while going solar for $0 with RE-volv. As Living Vine pays RE-volv back over time, their solar lease payments will be added to RE-volv’s Solar Seed Fund, a revolving fund for solar used to help bring solar to more nonprofits across the country.


Living Vine Church

3305 Linda Vista Avenue Napa CA 94558

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