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Project Details

CO2 Avoided

1,044,827 lbs

Solar System

20 kW

Dollars saved


People served



March 2019

About Lakeshore Avenue Baptist Church


Join us, and let’s bring solar to a multicultural church in Oakland, CA, Lakeshore Avenue Baptist Church

Lakeshore Avenue Baptist Church is a modern, multicultural powerhouse. From welcoming the LGBTQ+ community into their congregation to supporting the Black Lives Matter movement, Lakeshore is committed to serving the needs of the Oakland community and those most in need. The savings generated from switching to solar will directly benefit a number of services they offer to the community. Lakeshore’s Hunger Task Force runs a food bank and also provides clothing and shelter for community members and refugees. Lakeshore also runs a robust youth program including before and after school services and outdoor programming to expose urban youth to the wonder of nature.


Crowdfunding Campaign Details

RE-volv Solar Champions are crowdfunding over $40,000 for Lakeshore’s solar system. Jinko, the world’s largest solar panel manufacturer has donated 12 panels to the campaign. As a result of this installation, there will be a reduction of over 1 million pounds of C02 and Lakeshore will save over $143,000 on electric costs during the lifetime of the system!


Why Is RE-volv Helping Bring Solar to Oakland?

RE-volv is a national nonprofit that helps community-serving nonprofits go solar. RE-volv’s mission is to empower people to bring clean energy to their communities. This crowdfunding campaign will cover the upfront costs of the solar installation at Lakeshore. Once the solar energy system is up and running, Lakeshore will pay RE-volv back over time through a solar lease at a rate much less than what they were paying the utility company. Those payments grow a revolving fund for solar called the Solar Seed Fund.

Impact beyond this project

The Solar Seed Fund is a unique pay-it-forward model that grows with every donation. When a nonprofit goes solar, a portion of the upfront costs comes from this revolving fund. The impact of your donation dollar multiplies over time as RE-volv continually reinvests in additional projects. Past projects have shown that when a community-serving organization shows leadership in environmental stewardship it inspires others in the community to do the same.



Take action now

– Take 2 minutes and donate a few dollars

– Spread the word on Facebook, Twitter, or whatever your preferred social media platform is.

– Tell a friend who cares about Oakland, the environment, their faith, or building the new clean energy economy!


Thanks to our amazing partners Interfaith Power & Light and Green the Church for supporting this project. Thanks to our long term solar installation partner SunWork who will install the solar energy system. Thanks to our most frequent solar panel supplier Jinko Solar for donating the solar panels for this project.





A special thanks to Segment for sponsoring this campaign at the $5,000 level! Segment staff will also be volunteering to install the solar at Lakeshore. 



Lakeshore Avenue Baptist Church

3534 Lakeshore Ave Oakland CA 94610, United States

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