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CO2 Avoided

142,000 lbs

Solar System

2 kW

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October 2018

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About True Fellowship Baptist Church

True Fellowship Baptist Church is a keystone in the Richmond, California community. True Fellowship works in diverse ways to support their community, including offering weekly giveaways of clothing, food, toiletries, and other essential products to those in need within the community. 

Investing Solar Savings Back into the Community 

David Green, a True Fellowship Deacon says, “Being that we are by the Bay, winter months in North Richman can get pretty cold and to keep the church warm we often have to come in 3-4 hours before service and turn on the heater. Our heating bills can almost be five times what they are in the summer. Having solar panels is financially a gift for the church where we can use those funds in other projects. We can provide more food to the giveaways, provide more personal hygiene products for the homeless, and do a bit more outreach.”

By going solar with RE-volv, True Fellowship will save $15,000 over the lifetime of the solar system, allowing the church to invest their solar savings back into their community serving programs, including providing more clothing, food, and toiletries during their weekly giveaway to those in need. 


The Impact of this Project 

In addition to using their solar savings to provide more giveaway items to those in need, True Fellowship will also use the panels to educate the surrounding community about clean energy. By going solar with RE-volv, True Fellowship was able to go solar for $0 down and save $15,000 on their electricity bills. As True Fellowship pays back RE-volv over time through a solar lease, their payments will be added to RE-volv’s Solar Seed Fund, a revolving fund for solar that is used to bring solar to more nonprofits across the country. 

Community Collaboration for Solar 

Thank you to our amazing partners Interfaith Power & Light, Green the Church, and Solar Richmond for your partnership and support on this project. Additionally, thank you to Jinko Solar for donating the solar panels for this project. 

The up-front cost to bring solar to True Fellowship Baptist Church was raised through a crowdfunding campaign. Thank you to the 44 generous donors who donated to this crowdfunding campaign to help bring solar to True Fellowship Baptist Church. View the crowdfunding video for this campaign below.



True Fellowship Baptist Church

1327 Fred Jackson Way Richmond CA 94801, United States

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