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Project Details

CO2 Avoided

142,841 lbs

Solar System

2 kW

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October 2018

About True Fellowship Baptist Church

Join us to bring solar energy to a community in the heart of Richmond, CA – a city disproportionately affected by corporate pollution.


True Fellowship Baptist Church

True Fellowship Baptist Church is a keystone within the Richmond community. True Fellowship works in diverse ways to support those in need by offering monthly giveaways of clothes, food, and toiletries. Solar energy will reduce the church's costs and free up resources for the good work they do for the people of Richmond. This campaign will bring True Fellowship electricity bill savings, more resources for their community programs, and clean, renewable energy.


Why Does True Fellowship Want to Go Solar?

The affordability of solar energy has enticed numerous organizations like True Fellowship to now cost-effectively go solar and substantially reduce their carbon emissions. True Fellowship is looking to utilize 2.5 kW of rooftop solar to save them over $15,000 over the lifetime of the solar system! True Fellowship will also use the panels to educate the surrounding community on clean energy practices and benefits.


Why Is RE-volv Helping Bring Solar to Richmond?

RE-volv is a national nonprofit that helps community-serving nonprofits go solar. RE-volv’s mission is to empower people to bring clean energy to their communities. This crowdfunding campaign will cover the upfront costs of the solar installation at True Fellowship Baptist Church. Once the solar energy system is up and running, True Fellowship will pay RE-volv back over time through a solar lease at a rate much less than what they were paying the utility company. Those payments grow a revolving fund for solar called the Solar Seed Fund.

Impact beyond this project

The Solar Seed Fund is a unique pay-it-forward model that grows with every donation. When a nonprofit goes solar, a portion of the upfront costs comes from this revolving fund. The impact of your donation dollar multiplies over time as RE-volv continually reinvests in additional projects. Past projects have shown that when a community-serving organization shows leadership in environmental stewardship it inspires others in the community to do the same.



Take action now

– Take 2 minutes and donate a few dollars

– Spread the word on Facebook, Twitter, or whatever your preferred social media platform is.

– Tell a friend who cares about Richmond, the environment, their faith, or building the new clean energy economy!


Thanks to our amazing partners Interfaith Power & Light, Green the Church, and Solar Richmond for supporting this project. Thanks to our long term solar installation partner SunWork who will install the solar energy system. Thanks to our most frequent solar panel supplier Jinko Solar for donating the solar panels for this project.









True Fellowship Baptist Church

1327 Fred Jackson Way Richmond CA 94801, United States

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