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Isla Vista Food Cooperative

Donate now to help Isla Vista Food Cooperative go solar and grow the Solar Seed Fund
$60,486 Donated Campaign completed
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IV Food Co-op Goes Solar!

Thanks to the generosity of the 11th Hour Project, we are now able to match every donation dollar for dollar! That means your donation has DOUBLE the impact!


Also, RE-volv's Solar Seed Fund (our revolving fund for solar energy) is already revolving! Thanks to lease payments from RE-volv's first three projects, the Solar Seed Fund will cover the first $9,641 of our goal. In addition, donations to the Solar Seed Fund over the last few months for $5,589 will also help us kickstart this campaign. 


What is the IV Food Co-op?


The Isla Vista Food Cooperative’s mission as a natural and organic foods consumer cooperative is to provide the residents of Isla Vista and neighboring communities of Santa Barbara County with reasonably priced foods, products and services that promote a healthier lifestyle and environment.


The Co-op is an independent establishment that is owned and democratically controlled by the people who use its services. The grocery store serves the community through the sale of local, organic food products in addition to their services that benefit and give back to the community.


Why go solar?


Our society relies heavily on fossil fuels to power the cars we drive and the lights in our homes. These nonrenewable energy sources emit carbon dioxide into the atmosphere, contributing to climate change. But the landscape is changing! Solar technology is here; it is clean and renewable and emissions-free; best of all, it's affordable!


Did you know that many of California’s major cities have an average annual sunshine percentage of approximately 70%? That’s nearly 260 days of sun rays pouring down across the state.


With today’s technologies, the average home in California can obtain 100% of their energy from solar with a $10,000 system (less than $100/month over a 9 year pay-period)! Most solar panel systems have a 25 year warranty which means your investment in clean, renewable energy will go a long way into the future.


What is RE-volv?


RE-volv is a Bay Area nonprofit organization that seeks to empower people in their own communities to support the use of clean, renewable energy. Their innovative financing model calls on community members to donate to a revolving fund so that nonprofits and co-ops can purchase solar panels for their buildings.


The organization starts saving money on their energy costs right away, while paying back RE-volv back over a 20-year lease period. This money is continually reinvested in new projects through the Solar Seed Fund.. This revolving fund ensures that more solar projects for nonprofits and co-ops will be funded in the future, all thanks to your donations in support of a renewable energy future!


Who are the Solar Ambassadors?


We are a group of eight students with a variety of backgrounds, all working together to represent the University of California, Santa Barbara (UCSB). We are a part of RE-volv’s Solar Ambassador fellowship program that is enabling us to host our very own crowdfunding campaign. The program educates students like us about solar policy, finance and community outreach. We will be working within the UCSB campus and the Santa Barbara area to spread awareness about our cause.


Our goal is to outfit the Isla Vista Food Co-op with solar panels and to educate our community about the benefits of solar energy.


What is our campaign?


Our crowdfunding campaign will allow for the Isla Vista Food Cooperative to lease a 26kW solar panel system from RE-volv. This system will prevent more than 1.3 million lbs of carbon dioxide emissions into the atmosphere over the lifetime of the solar panels. It would take the work of almost 486 acres of trees to get rid of all that carbon!


The Solar Ambassadors will be hosting a variety of public events to raise money for the IV Food Co-op’s solar project. Our goal is to empower our community to take action on climate change, and to take the transition to renewable energy into their own hands. Going solar is healthy for the environment and is available here and now!

Let the sun shine everywhere! Consider donating to our cause today!


Isla Vista Food Cooperative

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