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August 2018

About Veterans of Foreign Wars Post 10804

Thank you to all the incredible people who supported this project! We couldn't have done it without you!


Our Coastal Solar Ambassador team is working on the “VOLTS4VETS” project with the Veterans of Foreign Wars (VFW) Post 10804 in Little River, South Carolina.

The VFW is an organization that works for combat veterans who were stationed in a foreign country, providing them financial help, job training, and a place to share stories. While the United States Military is one of the largest solar panel purchasers,

VFW Post 10804 in Little River, South Carolina will be the first of the VFW organizations in the country to install solar energy on their building. The VFW members are hoping that the project will inspire other posts to join them in utilizing clean energy to continue to help their veterans by providing clean energy, lowering costs, and in turn, using saved funds to help more veterans and the community.


Who are the Solar Ambassadors? How Do We Fit In?

RE-volv, a San Francisco based non-profit, created the Solar Ambassador Program in 2014 to empower college students to help community-serving organizations, like VFW Post 10804, go solar. This year-long fellowship trains ambassadors in areas such as crowdfunding, solar policy, community engagement, and project management in order to successfully educate their campus and local communities about solar energy, develop solar projects, and develop a deep understanding of the solar energy sector. At Coastal Carolina University, our Solar Ambassador team has been working since 2015 to team up with a local organization to go solar, and have finally found the perfect match with the VFW Post 10804!


What are the details of our Campaign?

Our crowdfunding campaign will raise the necessary funds to install an 15.1-kW solar PV system on the VFW Post 10804, which in turn will reduce their energy bills. As the VFW continually transfers a share of these savings into RE-volv’s Solar Seed Fund, they will be reinvested to fund other solar projects. The Solar Ambassadors, in collaboration with the VFW, will be hosting a variety of public events on Coastal Carolina’s campus and in the local community to educate the community on solar, spread awareness about our cause, and fundraise our project. Follow our campaign on social media through Facebook and Instagram.


What is a VFW?

The Veterans of Foreign Wars (VFW) serves to secure the rights and benefits of those who fought for our country. The VFW was created as a result of veterans from the Spanish-American War (1898) and Philippine Insurrection (1899-1902) returning from war, without medical care or veterans’ pension. At this time, a small group of these veterans banded together to create the VFW that we know today. Since then, the organization has grown to more that 2 million members, who contribute 8.6 million hours of community service annually.


Members (who are they)

The Veteran of Foreign War Post 10804, located in Little River, South Carolina is an organization of veterans who were in a combat setting in a foreign country. This post means very much to them, as when they come back to the United States it is a place that will help them get acclimated back into civilian life. They offer such necessary things as job training, financial support, and comradery. The members of the post are very dedicated to the mission, and are always looking for newly homebound veterans to make new friendships, share stories, or find a helping hand.


This project is made possible by contributions from generous organizations and donors like you! We'd like to thank our amazing partners at the Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation, Carolina Energy Conservation, and Yes Solar Solutions for supporting the Veterans of Foreign Wars Post 10804's solar array.



Veterans of Foreign Wars Post 10804

111 State Hwy 57 N Little River SC 29566, United States

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