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CO2 Avoided

22,755,000 lbs

Solar System

426 kW

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August 2021

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Niles East is a 139 space mobile home park located in Bakersfield, California that is owned and managed by Affordable Communities Inc., a nonprofit that owns and manages manufactured housing communities throughout California and Washington to preserve affordable housing. Across the country, mobile homeowners are facing increased space rent that is greater than resident’s pensions and Social Security increases, making it increasingly difficult for low-income residents to afford their homes. Affordable Communities Inc. helps preserve affordable housing for the benefit of low income families and seniors through the purchase and management of manufactured home communities.

Niles East is a 55+ mobile home park where more than 200 residents live, 80% of which are at or below low income levels. Affordable Communities Inc. purchased Niles East in 2002, at the request of the Niles East Homeowners Association to keep housing prices within the park affordable. The residents of Niles East now enjoy some of the lowest rents in the Bakersfield area along with an increased value of their mobile homes.


Going Solar with RE-volv

RE-volv is excited to bring the power of clean energy to this affordable housing community, which will save residents more than $2 million dollars on their electricity bills over the life of the solar system. By going solar with RE-volv, homeowners in the Niles East communities pay less of their limited income on electricity. Each month, residents see a solar credit on their monthly utility statements showing their electricity savings as a result of going solar with RE-volv. 

"For 20 years nonprofit Affordable Communities, Inc. has been helping people keep housing affordable", said Maurice Priest, President of Affordable communities Inc.. "By going solar with RE-volv we are now helping people keep housing and electricity affordable!"

RE-volv is working with Trisolaris, our financing partner and Precis Solar, our installation partner to bring this 426 kW solar system to Niles East. Scroll through the slideshow below to see photos of the solar installation!


Niles East

8500 Kern Canyon Rd Bakersfield CA 93306

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