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About the campaign

In the age of climate change it is easy to become overwhelmed and feel powerless, but in fact simple actions can bring about big change, especially when done together! The Yale University Solar Ambassador team believes in empowering the individual to make those simple actions. Our team has partnered with RE-volv, a 501c3 nonprofit organization with the model of bringing solar to nonprofits with barriers to solar financing through its innovative Solar Seed Fund. The Solar Seed Fund is a revolving loan fund for solar that grows and spreads more solar the bigger it gets. Students around the nation are enabled through partnerships to take charge of projects that help the communities around them thrive in a sustainable way. 


Please help us continue the efforts of bringing solar to non-profits by contributing a small dollar amount. All donations will be matched dollar for dollar by the Yale Student Environmental Coalition. To learn more vabout them visit ysecyale.wixsite.com/ysec.


All donations are tax-deductible, and directly help nonprofits like homeless shelters, community centers, and schools increase their impact by saving money with clean energy 


About our team: The Yale Solar Ambassador group was started last year by 4 members of the Yale Project Bright undergraduate organization. Re-volv's mission to empower students and communities to make a change perfectly matched Project Bright's mission and continues to allow us to make a greater impact on the New Haven community. Our team is currently composed of 7 students with varying interests and disciplines ranging from Chemical Engineering to Environmental Studies

During the campaign we will be hosting a catered study break and a pop-up art initiative.

Please share the campaign on social media to help RE-volv get the full match! 😄

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