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About the campaign

In 1969, the community of Santa Barbara and Goleta was devastated by one of the largest oil spills in the United States waters at that time. An approximate 3 million tons of oil spilled into our waters, fouled our beaches, and harmed our wildlife. In the face of this crisis, the community banded together and showed resilience. The anguish and frustration felt by community members transformed them into activists working to protect the environment. Passionate citizens formed many local environmental advocacy groups, and the UCSB faculty founded the environmental studies program. 

As students of this program and Solar Ambassadors of this team, we find inspiration in our beginnings. We believe in utilizing the power of community in the fight against climate change because we have experienced it first hand through our own community. RE-volv has given us the chance to become agents of change and to support resilient communities all over the nation. 

Solar is a simple solution to help reduce carbon emissions, make the air cleaner, and strengthen communities.

Every dollar donated to the Solar Seed Fund is invested directly into community-serving nonprofit solar projects, like schools, homeless shelters, and food pantries.

When these nonprofits go solar, they not only save money, but re-allocate money spent on dirty energy toward fulfilling their missions. That means that your donated dollar helps both people and the planet. We call that a win-win.

When each project is complete, RE-volv will send you the address and photos of the community benefiting from your donation.

Learn more about the Solar Seed Fund by watching the video below.

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