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Why a Monthly Gift?

To solve climate change, we know we have to switch to 100% clean renewable energy for everyone, as quickly and equitably as possible. Now is the time to make the just transition to clean energy a reality.

Your recurring donation brings clean energy to nonprofits around the country that need it more than ever.
With your support RE-volv is able to empower more youth climate leaders, provide more nonprofits with clean energy cost savings for decades to come, and engage more communities in the fight for clean energy. By becoming a monthly donor, you are playing a pivotal role in ushering in the era of 100% clean energy.

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And for a limited time, if you join at the $35 level or higher, you’ll receive all of the lower level perks along with an exclusive signed copy of Climate Courage, the forthcoming book by RE-volv’s Executive Director, Andreas Karelas.

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100% of your monthly donation supports schools, homeless shelter, food pantries, hospitals and other nonprofits, save money and the environment.
About the Solar Seed Fund
Types of nonprofits benefiting

Join us in building a just transition.

Become a monthly donor today and accelerate the switch to 100% clean energy in communities across the country. For a limited time, donate $35 a month or more ​ and receive an exclusive signed copy of ​ Climate Courage, the forthcoming book by RE-volv’s Executive Director, Andreas Karelas, along with other great perks.

Every penny, nickel, and dime that I’m saving from solar is going to my three year old granddaughter's education

Unity Gardens affordable housing resident

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RE-volv raises money to put solar panels on community-serving nonprofit organizations like homeless shelters, schools, community centers, and houses of worship. As these organizations pay RE-volv back, we reinvest the money into more solar projects in low-income communities across the country.

The revolving fund used by RE-volv to finance its leases is seeded through donations and a percentage of the lease payments from each project is reinvested back into the fund for use in future solar projects.
This revolving fund is known as the “Solar Seed Fund.” Through this model, the success of each nonprofit project drives a virtuous cycle that enables RE-volv to support more campaigns and increase contributions to each successive project.

Homeless shelters, schools, community centers, and houses of worship are a few examples of the types of nonprofits we help go solar. All of these community institutions provide vital services to those who need it most. The monetary savings from solar helps these nonprofits and their community thrive.