Frequently asked questions

What is RE-volv?

RE-volv is a nonprofit organization based in San Francisco with a mission to empower people and communities to invest collectively in renewable energy. RE-volv lets individuals who support clean energy chip in a few dollars to help communities all over the United States go solar. These donations help finance solar systems for community-based nonprofits that lack access to traditional solar financing.

These organizations save money on their electric costs while paying RE-volv back through a 20-year lease with interest. The lease payments are reinvested in a revolving fund, the Solar Seed Fund, which continually finances new community-based solar projects. Over time, each dollar donated to an individual solar project will go towards financing a new project, which will help finance the next project, and so on.

What is the Solar Seed Fund?

The Solar Seed Fund is a revolving fund for solar. When a nonprofit goes solar, a portion of the upfront costs comes from this revolving fund. Once their lease begins, the nonprofit makes lease payments, which goes into the Solar Seed Fund. Over the course of their lease, the nonprofit will pay for more nonprofits to go solar – each of which will fund more solar projects (and so on and so on).

How to update or cancel a recurring donation?

First of all, thank you for your recurring gift to RE-volv. If you have started your recurring donation in 2022 or later, please check your email for a donation receipt from Donorbox. You will be given instructions to create an account and login to Donorbox to update or cancel your recurring donation. If you cannot locate this email, please contact Donorbox support.

For past recurring donors before 2022, please email us at to inquire about your donation status.

Does RE-volv accept matching gifts from my employer?

Yes, RE-volv accepts matching gifts. Reach out to your employer and contact us if you need support. Your workplace will know best how to direct you towards making a matching gift.

How else can I support RE-volv?

We are glad that you asked. Here are some additional ways you can support RE-volv:

Where does my donation goes toward?

Your donation goes toward our innovative Solar Seed Fund model. This will bring clean energy to nonprofits across the country. The solar savings our nonprofit partners receive is invested back into their community-serving programs while their solar payments are invested into our Solar Seed Fund, a revolutionary pay-it-forward revolving fund for solar used to bring solar to more deserving nonprofits.

Is my donation to RE-volv tax deductible?

Yes, RE-volv is a registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit. All donations to RE-volv – whether to a solar project or to our operations – can be claimed as a tax deduction.

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Donate through check or stock

Make checks payable to RE-volv. If you're donating in honor of someone, sponsoring an upcoming solar project or want to direct your donation to operations, please write that in the memo of your check.

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RE-volv is a 501 (c)(3)

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