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RE-volv Solar Ambassador Fellowship Program Interest Form

Ready to ignite change and power up your impact?

The RE-volv Solar Ambassadors program is an academic year-long fellowship for college and university students who are passionate about climate change.

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"As a Solar Ambassador, I have learned how to actively engage in community service, as well as educate and advocate for more renewable energy and sustainable practices. I would recommend this program because it provides more knowledge and experience than a typical college course."

Connor Brooke Herndon. Coastal Carolina University from 2020 - 2021

"Prior to my time in this fellowship, I knew very little about the clean energy industry aside from what information I could get from my classes. I had the misconception that I couldn't pursue a career in clean energy because I didn't have a rigorous STEM background. This fellowship opened my eyes to so many other opportunities and gave me the space to see where I fit into all of this."

Michelle Le, University of California Santa Barbara Solar Ambassador from 2019-2021

"It's such a fulfilling program that requires work, but allows you to explore a field that people like me (an accounting major) would never be exposed to. It gives you a wide range of experiences from campaigning to social media work to collaboration to event planning, etc."

Melissa Padera, University of Dayton Solar Ambassador from 2017 - 2021

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