Solar Ambassador Fellowship

Bring Solar to Your Community

Are you a college student passionate about renewable energy? Are you interested in taking action to put up solar in your community? If the opportunity to install a solar energy system on a nonprofit or cooperative near you sounds exciting, then RE-volv wants to help you make it happen.

The Solar Ambassador Fellowship is a fellowship for one academic year that gives college students the opportunity to spearhead a solar project in their community using RE-volv’s innovative solar financing model. We are looking for creative, passionate, and resourceful college students who are eager to spread solar across the country.

Ready to make a positive impact on your community? Sign up to become a volunteer Solar Ambassador Fellow today and receive the tools, training, and support to make your community’s solar dreams a reality!

Interested in applying but have questions? Reach out at to set up an intro call.


  • Form a team of college students or community members
  • Have your team complete our online Solar Ambassadors Training and virtual Solar Ambassador Training Retreat in the fall
  • Work with nonprofits organizations in your community to help them go solar with RE-volv
  • Educate your community about solar and work with local policy organizations to advocate for pro-solar legislation on the local level
  • RE-volv helps nonprofits across the United States go solar. The Solar Ambassador Program is open to students and community members in the United States.

Benefits of Being a Solar Ambassador

During the academic year, RE-volv will help the Solar Ambassador Teams bring their solar projects to fruition. To facilitate this, every team member is invited to a virtual 2-day Solar Ambassador Training Retreat hosted in the fall where the Solar Ambassador Teams will learn about solar finance and policy, event planning, communications, and community engagement - all the skills needed to complete their proposed project! Every Solar Ambassador will also be provided with exclusive resources and campaign materials to help with community engagement efforts throughout the academic year.

During the academic year, all team members will participate in monthly webinars with RE-volv staff and special guests from leading environmental organizations and solar companies. Topics range from renewable energy to environmental justice, and these webinars will serve as discussion rooms for fellow Solar Ambassadors to share ideas. All Solar Ambassadors will also receive close mentoring and guidance from RE-volv staff through a monthly check-in meeting.

Interested in applying? Sign up to become a volunteer Solar Ambassador Fellow today or reach out at to set up an intro call.

RE-volv Solar Ambassador Fellows

What our Solar Ambassadors are saying

Being a RE-volv Solar Ambassador gives me a sense of leadership that is important when advancing my career. I have learned accountability, the push to complete a project from start to finish and a better grasp on handling any challenges thrown my way.
Danielle Kvadas, Coastal Carolina University Solar Ambassador from 2018 - 2021
There is a place for everyone in RE-volv. You can learn about anything from finance to communication to videography. If you join, there is no way you will not develop a skill which will carry over into your career in some way, shape, or form.
Sabato (Sam) Dasco, University of Dayton Solar Ambassador from 2018 - 2021
I became a RE-volv Solar Ambassador because I think solar energy is contagious and I want to help bring that to my community at college. I have become much more aware about clean energy and feel that I can be an advocate at the state level for legislation.
Kiara Nia Smith, Dickinson College Solar Ambassador from 2020 - 2021

Featured Solar Ambassador Alumni

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Cat Sweeney

Coastal Carolina University

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Laura Rigell

Swarthmore College

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Sydney Bartone

UC Santa Barbara

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Zainab Mirza

American University

Ambassador Story
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RE-volv's Solar Ambassador Fellowship

The Solar Ambassador Fellowship is a year-long fellowship for college students who want to help a community-serving organization near their campus go solar! RE-volv trains ambassadors in solar policy, community engagement, and project management. In turn, the Solar Ambassadors educate their campus communities about solar energy, develop a deep understanding of the energy sector, produce a tangible reduction in carbon emissions, and build a national network of environmental stewards.

Interested in applying? Sign up to become a volunteer Solar Ambassador Fellow today or reach out at to set up an intro call.