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Solar Champion Program

Become a Solar Champion Today!

Bring solar energy to local nonprofits

Are you passionate about clean energy? Do you want to tackle climate change, starting in your community? As a RE-volv Solar Champion, you will have an incredible experience spearheading a local solar project from start to finish. Don’t know much about solar? Not to worry. RE-volv will train you on everything you need to know to bring solar energy to your community. RE-volv is a nonprofit that works with volunteers around the country to run crowdfunding campaigns to raise money to install solar panels on community-serving nonprofits of their choice.

Current Champion Opportunities

Madison County Vinyard Church - London, OH

Madison County Vineyard hosts a variety of programs focused on underserved communities both in London, OH & in Columbus, OH. They organize homeless outreach, fight food deserts, offer free summer lunch for elementary school kids and free "rummage" giveaways, as well as offering their space for preschool services for autistic children, tutoring, and programs for kids with behavioral issues. They are truly an amazing organization and would benefit tremendously by the savings they would reap monthly by going solar. Apply to be a Solar Champion today and help them realize their dream of clean, affordable energy.




Interested in becoming a Solar Champion?

Or reach out to Elyse Wood at to set up a short intro call.

More projects will be made available soon! Learn more about the Solar Champion Program here!