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Apply to be a Solar Ambassador

Fellowship Description

Are you a college student passionate about renewable energy? Are you interested in taking action to put up solar in your community? If the opportunity to install a solar energy system on a nonprofit or cooperative near you sounds exciting, then RE-volv wants to help you make it happen.

The Solar Ambassador Fellowship is a fellowship for one academic year that gives college students the opportunity to spearhead a solar project in their community using RE-volv’s innovative solar financing model. We are looking for creative, passionate, and resourceful college students who are eager to spread solar across the country.

Interested in applying but have questions? Reach out to Elyse Wood at to set up an intro call.


  • The team is comprised of at least 3 but no more than 10 college students who will be enrolled in a college or university 2019-2020
  • The team completes a Team Application
  • The team completes an online training to help them gather a list of nonprofits that may want to go solar through RE-volv 
  • The team begins formal training to run a successful campaign and complete the project


During the academic year, RE-volv will help teams bring their solar projects to fruition. To facilitate this, each team will select one Project Lead who will be invited to an all-expense-paid Solar Ambassador Leadership Summit held in July or August in the San Francisco Bay Area. This summit will train Project Leads on solar finance and policy, crowdfunding, event planning, communications, and community engagement - all the skills needed to complete their proposed project! Every Solar Ambassador will also be provided with exclusive resources and campaign materials.

During the academic year, all team members will participate in biweekly webinars with RE-volv staff and special guests from leading environmental organizations and solar companies. Topics range from renewable energy to environmental justice, and these webinars will serve as discussion rooms for fellow Solar Ambassadors to share ideas. All Solar Ambassadors will also receive close mentoring and guidance from RE-volv staff.

Application Materials

1.  Solar Ambassador Application Guidelines 2019 - Read first

2. Solar Ambassador Application 2019 -for College Students