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Solar Education Week


Host an event for Solar Education Week! April 15-21 2018

What is Solar Education Week?

The week leading up to Earth Day, college students and community members around the country will host solar education events in their community to spark a national conversation about solar energy, energy access, and a just transition to a clean energy economy.

Solar Education Week is a partnership effort by organizations including GRID Alternatives, Sierra Student Coalition and RE-volv to engage individuals across the country to organize and participate in Solar Education events!

Solar Education Week events can take many forms, and RE-volv staff is available to help craft your event.

Why participate in Solar Education Week?

You can play a critical role in spreading the word about solar and how it benefits communities across the nation. The message is simple: solar is affordable, sustainable and provides communities at all economic levels with clean energy and energy independence.

By coordinating a national solar education effort, we can engage our local and nationwide networks and the press in order to spread the word about solar and promote its increased adoption.

Solar is a unique solution to climate change because it’s something that anyone can get involved with. Solar Education Week allows everyone to participate in reducing carbon emissions and creating a 100% renewable powered future for all.

solar education week

How do I participate?

1) Become a Partner

Does your organization support renewable energy? Join RE-volv and

our partners GRID Alternatives and the Sierra Student Coalition to mobilize your

members during Solar Education week!

2) Host an Event

A) Any individual or group can participate! Set a day, time and location for the event,

reserve the space and register your event by contacting us at

B) Create a fun event agenda:

-invite guest speakers from the industry

-set up trivia or quiz game

-show a short film

-serve snacks

-hold a group discussion

-be creative!

C) Spread the word! Publicize your Solar Ed Week event to your fellow students, your friends, and community members on social media, email and through word of mouth.

D) On the day of the event, post updates and photos on Instagram, Twitter and


Looking for ideas for your Solar Ed Week event? We recommend hosting a screening of the new clean energy documentary film “Happening” made by award-winning filmmaker Jamie Redford. Watch the trailer and request to host a screening at the Happening website today!


For more information or to join as a partner organization, contact Anna Foreman at