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Our Earth Our Oceans

By Tessa Wright

Living in New England my entire life, the ocean and its animals have always been a huge part of my life. I live 30 minutes from the New Hampshire coast and love to sit and look out at the water. On the few days where it was warm enough to sit in the sun, everyone would flock to the water and lay on the rocky beaches. Growing up, I never thought about the conditions on which fish, dolphins, and an uncountable number of animals live in. It wasn’t until I was older that I became aware of the pollution in our Earth’s waters. News articles about the Great Barrier Reef dying and Dove commercials about cleaning the oil off of animals hit my heart.
As a world society, we have become aware of the horrors in our waters; especially our contributions to it. Changing to reusable water bottles and properly recycling our plastics have not proven to be enough. We need something more to save our waters and our sea animals. This problem seems to be one that people just assume the next person will fix. Regrettably, I have been that way myself. When thinking about writing this post, I remembered back to my days on the beach and in the water. Doing a quick Google search, I was able to find so many inventions and projects others are doing that are helping save our planet.
A most interesting one to me was “Water Shark”, a drone that picks up trash in the ocean. An open mouth that sits under the waters’ surface picks up any trash in its path. What is most interesting about this to me is the fact that the machine can work independently of a human. In the age of technology, it fits right in. I look forward to researching about more about how I can help save the oceans, as well as the people who are already doing it.


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