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Is Solar Just a Trend?

By Sarah Givens

“The internet is just a fad” was something my grandfather used to tell my father after he insisted that our family should buy a desktop computer. My grandfather refused to even type on a keyboard and never gave computers a second thought. That was in 1999. Here, as we approach 2018, the internet has changed the way we live. Communication is so much faster and more reliable than ever and almost everything is digitized.

My father used to say the same thing about solar energy years ago. I remember the first time I
saw my neighbor’s solar panels and my father told me that it was just a fad and was not going
to be an efficient source of energy. While solar is initially expensive when the system is bought outright, the price of fossil fuel will only continue growing as the non-renewable energy sources deplete.

There are many other options for going solar that cost nothing and save consumers on their electricity bills immediately. Solar is growing and it is not slowing down. While fossil fuels are running out and there is one oil spill after another, solar panels are becoming more powerful and are able to harness more of the sun’s energy than ever before.

This new administration may be trying to disprove studies proving the benefits of solar. Now more than ever is it important for us to continue pushing the world towards solar. We cannot let the momentum stop—the ball is rolling and it is up to people like us at RE-volv to show our communities how reliable, beneficial and truly beautiful solar energy truly is.


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