Shawl-Anderson Dance Center

Amount Raised: $15,391 of $10,000

Environmental Benefits

Solar power from this facility will replace grid electricity that, over the life of the system, would have resulted in the following air pollutant and greenhouse gas emissions.

410,769 lbs. of Carbon Dioxide
345 lbs. of Nitrogen Oxide
209 lbs. of Sulfur Dioxide


  • Mission: Shawl-Anderson Modern Dance Center provides Bay Area dance students of all ages and levels with high caliber training in both contemporary and traditional movement forms in a welcoming, non-competitive environment. The Center is a non-profit organization founded by Frank Shawl and Victor Anderson.
  • Estabished: 1958

Solar Installation

The solar energy system will be a 10kW project that provides 100% of Shawl-Anderson's electricity needs.


Shawl-Anderson will save 30% on their electric bill in year 1 and 42% on their electric bill by year 20.  This will amount to more than $107,000 of savings by Shawl-Anderson during the warranty.

Solar Seed Fund Earnings

By year 20, lease revenues will finance an additional three solar energy systems for community-based nonprofit and cooperative organizations.


Number of funders: 199