How it works

How does RE-volv work?



We all know about the threat of climate change to our planet.  We want to do something about it, but the problem is so big - where do we start?  If we try to act alone, it can seem overwhelming.  But when we work together, our efforts can make a real difference.  Here is our plan.


Individuals who want to see a clean energy future can come together and chip in a few dollars to our revolving solar energy fund called the Solar Seed Fund.  The Solar Seed Fund finances community-based solar energy systems for nonprofits and cooperatives, today and tomorrow.


How exactly does it work?  A community center leases solar equipment from RE-volv for 20 years, during which time the cost of the solar installation, plus a small fee, is recouped by RE-volv.  RE-volv continually reinvests this money back into the Solar Seed Fund to serve more communities with solar energy.  This allows us to finance 3 to 5 additional solar energy projects from the proceeds of every project we finance.



By working together in our communities, we can create a renewable energy powered society.  So what are we waiting for? This is our planet, our communities, and our future we're working for... will you join us?


Access our RE-volv Information document here: