RE-volv empowers people and communities to invest collectively in renewable energy.
RE-volv is building a citizens movement to make solar energy mainstream in the US. Our solar financing model will drive the industry forward and demonstrate what is possible when the public unites behind a shared goal to expand renewable energy and counteract climate change. We also serve as a platform for the larger environmental community so that anyone, from anywhere, can join to produce tangible outcomes. RE-volv’s ultimate goal is to shift collective attitudes about climate change in the United States from one of despair and denial to one of action, cooperation, and creative solutions.


To see people unite around a common goal of creating a renewable energy powered society. RE-volv envisions a world with a healthy environment and a stable climate, where people have access to the resources they need to live prosperous lives. We believe that this world will be powered 100% by renewable energy, and that this energy will be so affordable and abundant that it is built into virtually everything. We also believe that renewable energy, with its decentralized nature, will give communities economic freedom and self-reliance.


Build a citizens movement for solar energy:
1. Empower people to invest in a revolving fund for solar.
2. Invest the revolving fund in solar installations for community centers.
3. Educate people about the environmental and economic benefits of solar.

Theory of Change:

Many community centers are committed to environmental sustainability but run into obstacles when trying to go solar. Being unable to take advantage of the tax credits available for solar energy makes it much harder for nonprofits and cooperatives to find solar financers. RE-volv makes going solar easier for these organizations by offering low-cost financing through hassle-free lease agreements. We believe that when we demonstrate the benefits of renewable energy within local communities through first-hand experience, people are more likely to investigate renewable energy usage for their own homes and workplaces.

Spreading the adoption of renewable energy in the United States is a way to mitigate the effects of climate change. Every project has a direct impact in reducing greenhouse gas emissions, creating green jobs, and helping the renewable energy industry flourish. RE-volv was founded on the belief that if people are given a direct opportunity to collectively build renewable energy projects, they will feel more empowered to create change. Large numbers of concerned citizens using their own dollars to finance solar installations will also demonstrate the American people's strong commitment to creating a renewable energy future.